StarFire™ Mandatory Update

posted on Friday, January 1, 2021 in News

StarFire™ iTC

Due to a government satellite update, effective Feb. 1, 2021, StarFire™ iTC GPS receivers will no longer be able to receive correction signals required for machines to Autotrac.

StarFire™ 20-2 Update

This is a mandatory update for all StarFire 6000 and StarFire 3000 receivers. The most important part of the 20-2 software update is that it positions the current StarFire 6000 & 3000 receivers to continue operating in the future.

StarFire™ 20-2 Update Details

August 2020 – StarFire 20-2 software update available.

Feb. 1, 2021 – All Starfire 6000 & 3000 receivers must have been updated to 20-2. StarFire iTC receivers stop receiving StarFire signal.

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