Connected Support

Protecting your machine investment and maximizing uptime is everyone’s goal. FIC Dealerships makes this goal more achievable with our Connected Support packages. 

With our Support Center, you can delegate all machine monitoring functions to us, or we can monitor your fleet in conjunction with your own team. The result is healthier equipment, reduced costs, and more productivity for you.

Expert Alerts

John Deere Expert Alerts

Expert Alerts utilize JDLink™ machine connectivity and data analytics to predict machine failures before they happen. This can reduce diagnostic time and minimize downtime by dealing with the impending issue before it happens.

JDLink™ Alerts

JDLink Alerts

To ensure that users are kept up to date on machine health and status and to improve machine uptime, the JDLink™ machine alerts send diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), geofence, and curfew notifications that are available in MyJohnDeere Operations Center. Alerts are color coded by priority: Red, Yellow, Blue, or Gray.

Machine Health Scan

John Deere Machine Health Scan

Help deliver improved machine health through an advanced dual approach that sends data to John Deere's central Machine Health Scan Center. Sharing your machine data allows John Deere specialists to identify trends and develop new and improved preventative maintenance and repair protocols.

Remote Display Access

Remote Display Access

With your consent, FIC Dealerships can remotely assist you with in-cab display setup and adjustments for optimal machine performance.

Remote Programming

Remote Programming

Allows FIC Dealerships to resolve certain technical problems via your machine’s JDLink™ connection. Updates can also be pushed to your machine remotely to resolve problems and enable enhancements.

Service Advisor Remote

John Deere Service Advisor Remote

Allows FIC Dealerships to remotely analyze Diagnostic Trouble Codes in near real time so technicians arrive on-site with the right parts and the right tools to quickly repair your machine. 

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Connected Support